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Jakarta is such a big city that there is a wide variety of preschools, many independent preschools and kindergarten, Montessori schools, as well as preschool programs attached to international schools in Jakarta. They cater to local children as well as the large group of international expats and provide the full range of academically focused preschools and more playbased Montessori schools. We do not aim to give a full listing here but just provide an in-depth overview of preschools in Jakarta that are popular with expats or international families, as well as local families who want to make sure their children learn English (and  maybe even Mandarin). Many schools integrate a Montessori approach with early learning and sports activities. Because of pollution and the heat in Jakarta, personally I would always look for preschools that have green space with (relatively) fresh air and potentially even a paddling pool for kids, but sometimes you can’t have it all.

Australian International School Jakarta
This international school in Jakarta also has a highly rated preschool program. The school is set in a beautiful villa with outdoor space and a swimming pool. You can see a gallery of preschool facilities here.

Bambino International Preschool
A very popular international preschool in Jakarta with two locations. They take children form 18 months to 6 years. Beautiful outdoor space. They run afternoon classes for ballet, arts and crafts, gym and drama and also a summer school.

Discovery Center Preschool Program
This center follows a more Western style of preschool programs with a focus on child led free play intermingled with teacher led activities. Children can attend from 2 to 6 years. The principal is a native English speaker with a background in Montessori education. The school has two convenient locations: The south Jakarta campus is located in Cipete, a residential area just west of Kemang, north of Cilandak, east of Pondok Indah and south of Kebayoran Baru. The central Jakarta campus is located in Menteng near the intersection of Jalan Diponegoro and Jalan Teuku Cik Ditiro. It is only 15 minutes from Ambassador Mall in Kuningan and 8 minutes from the Regent Hotel. The schools in both locations are housed in residential facilities which are devoted entirely to the school. The gardens contains a climbing frame and slide, bicycle/car area, dish washing area, water table, sand table, animal feeding area and rocking toys. Learning centers are set up inside the schools: puzzle/manipulative, trucks, sports room, sensorial room, art center, practical life area, computer center, language center and math center. Discovery Center also has a lending library with a wide variety of books to encourage early love of reading.

Eton House Indonesia
An international preschool and primary school that belongs to a chain of schools in Malaysia, Singapore and China and other Asian countries. The school in Jakarta is located in a beautiful house with a large green garden and a little pool. You can see the facilities here.

High/Scope Indonesia
HighScope Indonesia is a very well rated group of preschools, primary schools all the way up to high school following the High Scope Learning approach with its focus on child initiative and exploratory learning.

Jakarta Montessori School
This one calls itself “Jakarta;’s one and only Montessori School”, It was established in 1986 and is Montessori accredited. It caters to local and expat children. The school is situated in a green area in South Jakarta, Indonesia, where the air is clean and fresh and the environment is healthy and tranquil for your children. Children can start in the toddler program from 18 months and the school has a kindergarten and a primary school program as well.

This chain of preschools in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore that follows a more local approach to education that includes focus on early learning. Their website will give you a good insight into the curriculum and approach. There are several locations in Jakarta to choose from.

A preschool chain from Australia with a very popular center in Kemang, Jakarta. KindyROO was founded in 1982 on the premise that the neurological development of the young child is integrally linked to later learning and development. Based on the ever increasing scientific knowledge about neuro-physiology and neuro-development, the program has evolved into a highly effective and comprehensive series of classes for babies from six weeks to school aged children.

Mighty Minds
this is a beautiful and relatively new preschool in Jakarta that takes children from as young as 6 months.

Super Kids Preschool
Super Kids Preschool Centers are very popular with expats and focus on early learning. The daily routine includes “brain gym”, gymnastics, music, ball games and reading and handwriting skills. It takes kids from 6 months onwards.

Tutor Time
The “early education specialist” preschool Tutor Time takes children from 6 months onwards. Extracurriculars include ballet, martial arts and Mandarin. Tutor time has many locations in Jakarta.

A full listing of international schools in Indonesia, many of which include preschools in Jakarta, can be found here: